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What is this odd thing called The Block Party?

A DJ and a small family of wedding vendors, brought together by common style and approach to our clients. We treat people like they're our closest friends and pull out everything in our arsenal to be GREAT at being a part of your wedding. 


These are the artists we have literally brought to our own weddings. We love the work each other does, and when we get a chance to link up it unleashes some serious chemistry. 


Basically like Captain Planet for weddings?


Why is it called

The Block Party?

Block parties bring together a community's artists, neighbors, and friends. People share food, culture, music, and togetherness. A lot like a wedding. We hope to embrace the richness of the places we work, fall in love with the people who cross our path, and of course always enjoy a good plate of food. 


We haven't opened up any fire hydrants recently, but there's always a first time for everything.


How is this different from other Vendors?


Like your high school math teacher said,  "Show your work". Check out our stuff. No gimmicks or big pitches. We want you to be excited and really connect with the people you invite in to help with your day. If you think we can be a good fit for you, we'd love to talk more about building a relationship. 


Chemistry, trust, and communication really do make a difference.

Do you make perfect weddings?

The picture next to this was on a drizzly, overcast day. It was the BEST day. That bomber jacket, damp button down, and guests with umbrellas were all perfectly a part of an 'imperfect' day. We roll with whatever comes at us and love to capture genuine, raw, spontaneous emotion and beauty. We want to create sincere weddings that represent your incredible relationship and love for each other.

Last thoughts?

People never shop for wedding stuff. It's not an everyday thing to shop for vendors, whether you're eloping or throwing a monster family gathering. This little hand-picked crew was assembled with the hope of making that process easier. Please explore the rest of this place to check out the other artists that we celebrate, love to work with, and get blown away by weekly.

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