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We want your day to be the best, most fun party you have ever been at. Every day digging through records, every late night of practice, and every other wedding we've done becomes practice for the best one yet. Yours. We are coming with an unapologetic, creative, memorable playlist that is going to hit just about every musical corner. Anything to make people shake their hips, laugh, cry, and jump around like hooligans. This is our life, our passion, and we are damn competitive about being the best DJs you'll ever hear at a wedding...or maybe anywhere. 

We've also acquired some crazy good artistic friends. We are always fans of talented people doing what they do best for people they care about. We want to celebrate some of the best talent out there, and hope you can find relationships that will be a great fit for your day, so be sure to check our friends links.


Let's be adventurous together!

-Derek & Wes

"We want your day to be the best, most fun party you have ever been at."

A Couple of DJ's Who

Want To Be A Part Of

 Fun, Kick Ass, Memorable


Why we are different

Let's play great music together.


We take your vision and tastes, read your crowd, and drop a dope playlist that will bring back memories, make people sing, cry, do interpretive dance.


Yup, we mix using vinyl. We have a ton of fun with our job and try not to take ourselves too seriously, but we take the work that goes into our preparation, into our equipment, and into running your day very seriously. 


Let's be straight forward on the cost.


Combos are for buying tacos, not a DJ. There is no nickel and diming over hours, bringing out the "good equipment", or any other silliness. These are relationships we take seriously, and refuse to jerk you around. If you have some crazy plans about riding in on an elephant, traveling to a glacier, or having a 24 hour dance marathon, we'll chat and see what we can work out, but 99% of the time that price covers everything from hours to set up. 

Start A Party Right now

This is what we do. Mix, blend, and explore all genres of music to create something that you want to throw on in the car, cooking dinner, or having secret warehouse dance offs.


Our Bags are Packed

Formerly out of Ann Arbor and now in Northern Virginia is home. Michigan will always be a part of us and a home base where we have a set of gear ready to go. That said, if you're throwing a great party on the moon, we'll want to be there. 

We've done weddings everywhere from the

Rocky Mountains to NYC, and have played in just about every corner of the midwest. Do not be shy to ask if we go there!


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