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These are a few love letters for some artists we truly admire. We've hired them for our own weddings and events. They've trusted their clients with us, and we are so happy every time we get to collaborate. Every one of them shares a love for their clients and have an energy that makes us even better just being around them. 


There are many passionate, talented people in the wedding world, this is just the small little group that we want to share with you in an extra special way. Check out their work, and if you think one of them might be a good fit for you, there's a good chance it's gonna be a great party we'd all love to be at. 





This woman is a badass at wedding photography. She so passionately embraces the excitement, love, and energy that is around her to create images for her couples that will last them a lifetime and be passed on to next generations. Chelsea loves to dive headfirst into adventures, no matter the location, and wants to sample the beautiful and delicious that the world has to offer. She's shot for couples from Paris to the Pacific Coast and will probably go to the moon with you if you wanted. When I watch Chelsea work, it is all about catching the in between moments. Not poses, but colorful, organic expressions that reveal true feelings. Her site is filled with beautiful fields, old barns, intimate backyard get togethers, and vibrant city murals. 


She adores her cats, has a penchant for spontaneous nights out, and is way more of a technical nerd about photography and art than she'd probably tell you. She will rattle off ten other artists she has mad respect for, and be completely too shy and humble to think of herself in that realm. Her work, though, is such a strong mashup of timeless artistic with light splashes of the moment's trends. This keeps her work interesting in the moment, but built for the long haul too when your grandkids will find your pictures and see you had some damn good style back in the day. Her nerdiness, the exploration of new gear, the many sleepless nights editing, and the desire to really get to know the people she works with are all pieces of someone working to be amazing for clients. She's also pretty dang passionate about music and DJ's. She's shot for several concerts and artists, and we are so dang flattered that she enjoys our work. She will fiercly battle to bring out your best, love you hard, and she is a great asset to work with every time out.


I'm not sure anyone else bleeds Detroit quite like Jesse. His work is hardly limited to the city. Him and his wife have some of the coolest AirBnB spots in Traverse City and Midtown Detroit, and his pictures are from coast to coast, urban and countryside. Detroit is not simply an address, and it's not just a branding ploy because Detroit has a hip value to it these days. Detroit is just his favorite background, and it's the treasures that he has dug up within that are the real beauty in his work. The rooftop, the mural, the vineyard, or sand dune aren't important in themselves, but they matter to Jesse because a couple fell in love there. They live there. Someone has built a business there. There is talent and passion there. He wants to capture the authenticity of a place and people. 

I am in awe of the love he brings for his friends (and you will be friends with him quickly after meeting) because he shows such endless love for his little ones and his wife. Somehow he also puts time and style into those AirBnB spots. He has built up Mammothbooth and his editorial work for local businesses is an absolute deep dive education on some of the great craftsmanship coming out of his home state. No really, he literally does guidebook pictures. Jesse has his hands on so much, but weddings are still his driving force. The pictures are bold, full of life, and tell deep stories. He embraces the off-beat and curious, and again his work just comes back to one constant theme. Authentic. Check out his work, stay at his places, admire his beard, be jealous of his youth, and hug the crap out of him when you work with him. I am so blessed to have this dude with me every time we can collaborate.



Beautiful Day Planning

This thing is just fun. Pretty simple. Let's just have a really simple breakdown of why this when there are lots of other booths out there. 

- You control the shot. Grab a clicker and go wild. No waiting for numbers to countdown. People seem to just light up with the control in their hand, creative shenanigans ensue, ridiculous and wonderful pictures are born.

- Great quality pictures given to you the next day. Instant ammo to enjoy/blackmail with when previously mentioned shenanigans are available just about the time you're waking up from sleeping off your party exhaustion. Hydrate well. Do some stretches. Maybe a brisk walk. When you return to a hearty stack of pancakes and bacon, behold! Your glistening treasure trove of visual fun will keep you company and make you randomly burst out laughing. Exercise caution while laughing to avoid awkward pancake problems. Finish this joy, then take your bald eagle for a walk because you love this country. You love fun. You will probably therefor love Mammothbooth! 

- Open air. Do you like tight awkward spaces surrounded by itchy cloth that has visited a thousand halls? Mammothbooth believes in quality cloths, and more importantly it believes that you, like your creativity, should not be confined in little boxes. People can look across the room and see an epic shot about to go down, then race (probably upon the tops of tables) to join in the shot. Real talk, photobooths are not friendly to dancefloors most of the time. There is legit energy added to a room because people do see what's going on, they compete for the next level of epic, and 100% of polled dancefloors get along better with open air goodness. 

- Like everything we try to support here, we've rocked with Mammothbooth a bunch. People really enjoy it, and so we want to see them at even more of our weddings. Because America.

Planners are the point guards of the even industry. They are not always the flashiest at the party, but their influence is everywhere and a great planner makes everyone else better passionately. I love to play basketball. The priest at my wedding totally threw me under the bus for shooting too much. I love a good passer and this really has a lot to do with why I love Jennie and her Beautiful Day Planning crew.


The simple version is they just throw great parties. The ways they do this is different for each couple based on their needs and their vision of the day. Jennie does such a great job setting everyone up to succeed. They will help you set up the plan for the day, communicate the plans with everyone involved, help set up and build to bring your vision to life, and have your back on everything. It is way beyond a clipboard or bossing people into place. These ladies can step up and take control of a situation or just let people like me do what we do best.


There is so much value in what Jennie does for her clients. She will take on everything she can to relieve the stresses of wedding planning, be honest and straight forward with you, and love you and your family like her own from start to finish. You can hit the button to check more of her work. Beautiful Day is so well respected in the industry, loved by their clients, but really just some of my favorite people in the world to put a party together with.

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