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The Suit- 1701 Bespoke

The last thing I want to do is become a fashion blogger, but I believe strongly in reaching out a hand to those I truly believe in and who are making a real impact on their home.

What you need to know:

Detroit based

Classic style to cutting edge that is well made and lasting

Great service marries a love of fashion, city, and their customers


As always, we are fans of talented people doing talented things. 1701 Bespoke is a fantastic Detroit company that does high quality, hand crafted suit making. The process of getting this suit made was easy, and all of the gentlemen who are a part of the 1701 family are knowledgeable, well-dressed, and without any judgement of where you're starting walking in the door. They guide their clients through fabric, fit, and style, helping advise based on your needs, and the product you end up with is the best fitting suit you've had. My suits are a part of my work, and if that's the case for you, this is an investment worth considering. Having something well fitting and durable was important to me, but my basic research had me thinking a bespoke suit was out of my price range. 1701 has a range of prices that are not cheap, but not obscene either. Much of the price differences are based on the choices you make with fabric, pieces, and accessories. Shirts, ties, and pocket squares are also available, and they have recommendations that can help put together a complete outfit top to bottom.

Fedora was found at Henry the Hatter. A similar Detroit company that has been serving the needs of the D and beyond since 1893. They are such a good fit with 1701. Great style, great craftsmanship and attention to detail. for more information. There may not be a better hatter in the country and they are located right here in our home.

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