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Wednesday Aug 1

High Score Lounge



BYOB-Snacks Provided


Keyboard Baby
Record Player

Block Party

Raising The
Next Generation of Great DJ's

The Block Party

Pricing Guide

and notes on 

Love Making


The old, 2 turntables and a microphone, mix our ass off, bring out everything in the arsenal to make the day sound and look as best we can approach. No upsells. No shenanigans. No cheese. And all of this is on our site for couples to transparently see.


Additional setups for those days when we need a great sounding ceremony, a dinner elsewhere, or a cocktail hour on the roof. 

There is no Pink Supreme Unicorn Upgraded Package

A block party is a gathering of people around a sense of community, sharing food, music, and dance. Weddings are exactly this, and can occur anywhere. We love the beauty of creating a great party anywhere from a living room to a ballroom, all over the country, and thrive on the nostalgic, open format freedom of all great music that can be played at a wedding. 

Every time I've played a record

has been the practice

to make the next event

the best night ever



Kick ass

Have the best time

And take care of each other because friends and nice people are what makes this career so damn fun and sustainable. We pour every bit of love and heart into our nights. We take this way too personally. Having someone who has your back and can come with creative solutions on the fly is worth everything. 

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