a block party is...

a wedding is...

a celebration of community around

food, music, dance, and

love for other humans

Anywhere we can mix great music for great people, we want to be there.  

How To:

Throw a Block Party

How To:

Throw a Block Party

Part of

 Fun, Kick Ass, Memorable



We spin vinyl and mix Tunes

for dancing



no packages

no upselling

no shenanigans

Additional setups for cocktail or ceremony are $300.

Combos are for buying tacos, not a DJ. There is no nickel and diming over hours, bringing out the "good equipment", or any other silliness. These are relationships we take seriously, and refuse to jerk you around. If you have some crazy plans about riding in on an elephant, travelling to a glacier, or having a 24 hour dance marathon, we'll chat and see what we can work out, but 99% of the time that price covers everything from hours to set up. 

Best in the world

Everything we've done

has been practice

to make your day the best party we've ever played. 

Let's make something incredibly fun together.



Traverse City

Estes Park-Dayton




Washington DC


Grand Rapids

We go anywhere the party is.


100% recommend!

I could not be happier with the overall experience with Block Party. They were so accommodating with planning and setup. Our dance floor was packed all night long and the interaction with the dance party was perfect. Wes was great at knowing exactly what the crowd wanted to hear. 10/10 recommend if you're looking for a good time. Thank you again Block Party


—  Cassidy